Here’s the link to the site that keeps track of all the scumbags.

And here, too, is an amazing insight spotted by Member Mark on charities and how unscrupulous Vet outfits liberate our money from our wallets. This article in no way represents the thoughts or beliefs of the author or staff. It’s is merely for informational purposes.  TheWeaponsman Blog site is not affiliated with asknod.


  1. Wind Walker says:

    We are a small 501 C-3 here in Sacramento called Forgotten Warrior and we feed a lot of disabled, elderly, and homeless veterans and are also very upset by the scam that wounded warrior is all about. There is another organization called Paridime that has non veterans in uniforms collecting monies at the stores saying they are helping veterans when in fact the are just pockiting the money. I am the CEO for Forgotten Warrior and i have not collect a check for the past 6 years sence starting this pprogram…. commited veteran Wind Walker US Navy. See us at

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