Fergoogle-for that perfect M 21 quote without having to look for it.


WARNING: Fergoogle

appears to be infected with some kind of virus currently. If you have a poor antivirus program in your computer, I’d not advise you to click on the link. I’ll keep you posted as to when it’s back on line.

Type in the info you want on the search bar and hit search. After it populates your search, look  below it, choose which area you wish it to do a refined search (i.e.  “All”, strictly 38 “CFR” or “Manual” (M21).

The obvious beauty of this is we no longer have to pore over endless M 21 drivel to find an appropriate cite. Granted we do not use the M 21 for anything more than pure entertainment but it’s nice to slap a rater with his own stupidity by citing their perceived “correct” section. I’ve been told to cease and desist in citing M 21 by more than one VLJ at a fac-to-face hearing saying they don’t use it nor recognize it for litigation purposes.

Now, if I could find the owner, I’d ask him to set up a donate button so all of us litigators Practicioners could show our appreciation for providing this invaluable service. It says he’s a bloke from England but a VA rater turned me on to this with a burner email .

Whatever, it’s the cat’s pajamas as near as I can tell. It used to have links to the SMC calculator and a few others like CAPRI and MAPD. You needed a password. gordon.graham@va.gov? ******?  Tried it and it didn’t work.