Dx Code 7312-Cirrhosis, 7345 -HBV , AIH, and 7354 HCV. Scroll down to see them after you link..

9 Responses to HEP DX CODES

  1. James Zimmer says:

    I got mine summer 1981 mcrd CA inoculations Jet guns

  2. G K Sawyer says:

    Visit HCVets.com and see 1992-2014 Board of Veterans Appeals Jetgun Claims Granted Service Connection
    Hope it helps , over 100 cases granted since 1992

  3. gary says:

    iwas sick 3days after my injector shots in basic training,turned yellow and was quantined in basic for 3weeks,again non a or b diagnoisis this was june 1971 still cant get records even with va help
    good lucl all

  4. paul burch says:

    My wife made a request for her med records , Specific her blood work she got a letter back that some of her records , are on loan to the regional office . now I could be wrong but I thought that all originals where to stay in St Louis, she was specific that she wanted all blood work that was done , from enterance to exit, now are they not required to assist you in your claim, just seems fishy that no blood work and she had sent for Med records once before and this time she got a type writen copy of when she was in the hospital , the first time she got the Med records was NO typewriter used on anything, all hand writen other than her enlistment contract,and DD214 WHERE IS THE BLOOD WORK has to be some they know she is type A, is it possable for someone to remove something from her records???? or are we wrong about they have to assist you in your claim Thank You for any help Paul

  5. asknod says:

    Dear Paul,
    Allow me to say how sorry I am that your wife is going through this. One big problem is that you are using the VA’s doctor to provide you with the nexus letter you need. This is like visiting your worst enemy and asking to borrow a gun to shoot him with. He is disinclined to proffer the gun. You need to a) obtain all her medical records from service and b)contact Dr. Ben Cecil at: bdceci01@iglou.com if you cannot afford to seek an opinion from a private doctor. Dr. Cecil is very busy so do not expect an immediate reply. Make sure you file a NOD or the Form 9 to protect your right to appeal. This site has lots of information if she is attempting to do this herself. If you have a Veterans Service Organization helping you with your claim, ask the service officer to visit this site and peruse the Tips and Tricks section to familiarize him/herself with what VA is currently doing to prevent jetgun claims from winning. You are right in that no doctor anywhere can state with 100% assurance that a tattoo in a private setting in 1971 could be responsible for this disease. It requires two ingredients- an infected person’s blood and transmission to an uninfected one. This occurs most frequently in a medical setting absent a history of drug abuse.

    • paul burch says:

      Thank you so much for getting back to me she has 4 letters from 4 priv doctors the last Doctor who did transplant stated more likely than not came from Jet injector , she also had 4 wisdom teeth pulled in boot camp, blood from dental tools never drug abuse, VA doc said because she had PID she might as well said she was sleeping around forgot to stat other reason for PID such as child birth on her sep physl she checked box liver prob she went to sick call 2 weeks out of boot camp with stom pain , the last letter she wrote she ask that C&P doc be dis regarred so DAV is trying to set up hearing they have agreed no date yet, if they don’t want to live up to jet gun have dental , in hospital, and discarge which corpman told her to ckeck box about liver prob, I just can’t see where they can’t see nexus if she had when she went in thaN THEY LET HER GIVE IT TO A LOT OF PEOPLE, THAT’S WHY WAS LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO WENT THROUGH ORLANDO IN 1981 TO SEE IF ANYONE ELSE MIGHT HAVE EVEN HAS LETTER FROM DOC STATING THAT HIS FATHER SAT ACROSS THE DESK FROM THE GUY WHO INVENT. JET GUN AND THEY KNEW PROB WITH IT BACK IN 1982 AND DID NOTHING TO STOP USEING IT UNTILL I THINK 2004 JUST WEARS YOU DOWN

  6. paul burch says:

    Wife just had liver transplant on 10/3/2011 got the news yesterday that Hep C is back stronger than ever last VA C&P Doc said itis dobouis that Hep C comes from Jet injector gun went on to get into a tattoo done at age 12 alone no shared needle or ink, would have had Hep C for 10 years when she went into Navy if it had come from that now this is the 2ND C&P Doc she ask for reconsider after 1ST turn down 1ST VA Doc said someone could have opened pack of needles and contam. them said 100% came from tattoo now we all know that no one can say for sure 100% but he did now she meets no other risk factors other than lot of Dental work in boot camp in 19811ST told had non A non B in 1990 5 years after discharge happend to read news paper that could come from Jet injector gun filed claim 4 years ago , it seems they are just waiting for her to kick how sad the VA is

  7. paul burch says:

    any one who went through boot camp in Orlando Fl in 1981 have Hep C , my wife did and has been denied twice for nexus

    • arthu j fryer says:

      I just got done with the doc in james a haley va hosp in tampa and they stated in my records they feel i likely got hcv from injector gun use while in service. I suggest you transfere to there and get a appointment with gasroenterology.
      I was denied because the examiner sited cdc statistics and the va stated i showed no iv during service whic was wrong and in my smrs it shows iv was done,yet they believe i had blood transfussions at birth and seven years old but no eveidence of that ever happening..

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