Boy is this ever an eye opener for those who have had a few too many Interferon cocktails. If you always wondered why you were hitting on 5 out of 8 cylinders after a few courses of the Bug Juice, read this one to see why and how to fix it.

A great read and explains so much of what ails us. Good for nexus material for secondaries as well.

5 Responses to BRAIN FOG

  1. woodguy11 says:

    encephalopathy google it

  2. Ron says:

    After two wars in which I was “Invited” to participate via the now defunced Selective Service that was a source of great corruption during the Viet Nam war, I can say without a doubt that much was acted upon by “brain fart” likely associated with “brain fog” on the part of LBJ and other banal politicians that got richer off the war in the sixties. Pardon the cynicism there–please. However, a lot of the drugs that they experimented on us with was actually to make some fat cat in big pharma richer. Take the anthrax vaccine for example or the other toxic concoctions that they fed us in Nam. I saw one Marine come down with malaria after taking the Chloraquine Phosphate.
    After Nam I found myself not fit to be in a civil society of anti war hippies and yippies who were the sons of rich people, as in my case for example to fill the billits of cannon fodder. After returning in 1970 I found myself experiencing cloudy memories and current thinking. After seeing the “Wisdumb of Medicine” that was prevalent after both wars I decided to turn from traditional medicine where I learned that if you lay all doctors end to end around the earth they would never reach a conclusion. I then went to eating all organic foods that would offend the likes of Andrew Weil and Doctor OZ, and also taking suppliments that were not synthetic.
    My memories became clear once again. My ulcers heald (I had three). My skin diseases went away after I quit taking Statins and my joint pains became less and less over time.
    Please pardon this lengthy response but I had to work over a four year period to achieve this. I yet have the brain fog from time to time and now only occasional extreme fatigue that I once had on a daily basis.

    What I learned was that traditional medicine is great for acute trauma to sustain life, but it sucks at aiding chronic disease. By the way did I mention that I also had extreme hypercholestermia and hypertension? Now if I could just figure out what it is that I am supposed to do today. I do, however, believe in the here after. I go to a room and say to myself, “Now what was it that I came here after?

  3. ray says:

    Brain fog is endocepalapathy (sp?) it is when your liver will no longer function as it was intended to do. You feel like there is nothing wrong with you .you forget alot and try not to drive because you will nod out and crash. There is more but these were the biggies for me. If you have brain fog real bad it is time to get listed for a transplant,Your ankles will swell up also. Good luck

  4. Ted says:

    What is this brain fog and where can I get info. Click on the above link and got error message

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