Boy is this ever an eye opener for those who have had a few too many Interferon cocktails. If you always wondered why you were hitting on 5 out of 8 cylinders after a few courses of the Bug Juice, read this one to see why and how to fix it.

A great read and explains so much of what ails us. Good for nexus material for secondaries as well.

10 Responses to BRAIN FOG

  1. James Zimmer says:

    Hey its me. Im down here in Ga trying to help a friend. I still have yet to make sure the virus is gone. For the most part I can function. I want Another bike. I also fill like I could handle a job that wasnt to demanding. I went and had all the blood work done a month ago. I also wanted some info on how long I have yet and what I can expect to happen. Will I bleed to death of just choke cause I wont be able to clear my throat. I have lots of questions. I dont want my friends to have to deal with this crap. They put me in a nut house for a week. I was and I still am really pissed. It seems like a good option to go postal. I dont want there money or there tears (VA) A couple things bother me. What happens If my x wife has it too or an old girlfriend. I dont have kids but I think the VA could notify my xwife and have her checked and maybe a couple longterm girlfriends Ive had.

    • asknod says:

      Mr. Zimmer, you may want to do what I do every year. I go get tested for this to make sure it didn’t come back. I know of about 8 Vets who did the Interferon bug juice who relapsed. I know three who did the Harvoni or Sovaldi NS5A route and have come down with liver cancer so you’re never really out of the woods. As for exwives and girlfriends, how would VA be better at finding them than you would be? Put an ad in the newspaper telling them to go get checked? That’s a tall order.

  2. James Zimmer says:

    I was lucky a doctor in Iowa city Iowa got me the 12 week script of mavrit. Im still alive and for the most part im feeling better. The virus is still gone. But the damage is bad. I am a truck driver.. I went to broadlawn in Iowa 11/18 I had quit my job hauling grain cause i was making mistake out of character for me. I was pretty upset I could no longer function. They told me I was depressed. Put me in the nut ward. I also was doing some test for hep c but they never told me I was in stage 4. They never ever told my my Hep c was the problem. I then stayed at group home for 90 days. Then they allowed me to go back to work this time driving over the road. I was having a rough time. Thank God it was a lease truck. I use to be a mechanic so the mistakes I made I was able to put the blame else where. After 8 weeks I was in Salt lake City. I was off for 2 days. I barely made it to flying j. I parked in first place I seen. I was able to crawl to sleeper and pass out. After 16 hour or so I was awaken by flying j telling me I have to this spot was reserved. I couldnt wake up. The city police beat me up broke the drivers window arrested me for trespass. After they released me. I took a cab to hospital told them I was extremly tired and confused and asked for drug test. A few days later I learned about HE Hepatic ency. Well my liver wasnt clearing the toxins in my blood. Ammonia had built and was causing my brain to swell. They also told me I needed to get home I was pretty sick. That was Feb. When I got back to Iowa I went and seen my liver Doctor. He told that I was bleeding internal so he put me on blood presure med and said he would put me in for liver transplant. Im no angel but I never stuck needles in my arms or anything else. I love girls and I cant be mean to them. So I only had long term relationships and only a handfull. Then there it was I remember the shots like yesterday. Hearded like cattle to be infected with hep c I remember it drawing blood and it hurt. Not like the needle to the ass but it hurt. Then we went for a nice run. My last name is Zimmer so I was last in our platoon cause they did it by alpabit. I have gene type 2 mcrd san diego 1981 I was 17 my Mom made me go to reserves. I turned 18 in boot camp I should have changed it. I was the baby so I just couldnt do that to my Mom. I alive but I dont think my liver will heal enough on its own to let me live much longer. My mind has cleared though. Its funny how good my memory is. I have yet to forget my wallet when going to store. Sometimes my phone. Also if I see something I remember where I seen it. Thats nice. I grew up around Des moines Ia. In the summer and fall of 2019 I was getting lost riding my motorcycle around Des moines. I have an apointment Wed not at VA but SSI decided to give me a few bucks and health care. So I know more next Friday or so. I would be happy to go back to work I dont want there money or anything else. I feel like I was left for dead and that stings. Semper Fi I guess thats a one way street. If you are having issues depression. having trouble doing what should be ez. If you dont feel like your balance is there and you fill week. If you go get checked. Scarring of the liver is the reason HE is happening but usually to much protein or bleeding internal will set it off. Lactolose will help but you will then have stinking gas and i mean stink but it works. Water with lemon lots of greens and time will allow some healing. Im not doing a liver transplant. Anyway I hope this helps someone. It was 40 years before I new something was wrong. If any one has advice I listen. The VA did nothing but waste a few more months when I should have been taking the meds I needed. They should have not turned there back on me. They were hoping I would die. To me they betrayed me. I wonder how many more.

  3. Jimmy Zimmer says:

    It’s when you get to the grocery store and you forgot your wallet. It’s when you get to you car and you left the keys in the grocery store. It’s when you get charged for a Owi on you motorcycle when you have done nothing cause even if you wanted to. You only have 88 cents to your name. Cause you were smart enough months ago to give up truck driving. Cause you were f-ing everything up. It’s when you first start to experience anxiety. It’s when you pray for the courage to end you pitiful life. It’s when you don’t even recognize yourself. It’s caused by liver scars that won’t get the toxins out of your blood. Like ammonia. It usually takes eating too much fat. Or internal bleeding. It’s when you wish for death is almost here. This is the hard thing you know it started 40 years ago when we were at mcrd and navy f**ks infected with jet guns. You know them f**ks know what they did. Why else would you work so hard to find a cure. Then when they do find a cure they gave that patent to the navy f**khead so he could sell it for 11 billions dollars by claiming he found the cure on his own time. How in the **ck do you have own time in the military. Your ass is uncle sam’s. The price of the medication is so high no one can afford it. So much for semper fi. I pray God is watching cause what they have done is unbelievable. Who is gonna believe us. I’ve already been marked as a drug user just because I have hep c. So nobody really gives a damn. What makes it hurt is you were once willing to put your ass on the line. The Navy is a disgrace. Mistakes happen live up to them

  4. woodguy11 says:

    encephalopathy google it

  5. Ron says:

    After two wars in which I was “Invited” to participate via the now defunced Selective Service that was a source of great corruption during the Viet Nam war, I can say without a doubt that much was acted upon by “brain fart” likely associated with “brain fog” on the part of LBJ and other banal politicians that got richer off the war in the sixties. Pardon the cynicism there–please. However, a lot of the drugs that they experimented on us with was actually to make some fat cat in big pharma richer. Take the anthrax vaccine for example or the other toxic concoctions that they fed us in Nam. I saw one Marine come down with malaria after taking the Chloraquine Phosphate.
    After Nam I found myself not fit to be in a civil society of anti war hippies and yippies who were the sons of rich people, as in my case for example to fill the billits of cannon fodder. After returning in 1970 I found myself experiencing cloudy memories and current thinking. After seeing the “Wisdumb of Medicine” that was prevalent after both wars I decided to turn from traditional medicine where I learned that if you lay all doctors end to end around the earth they would never reach a conclusion. I then went to eating all organic foods that would offend the likes of Andrew Weil and Doctor OZ, and also taking suppliments that were not synthetic.
    My memories became clear once again. My ulcers heald (I had three). My skin diseases went away after I quit taking Statins and my joint pains became less and less over time.
    Please pardon this lengthy response but I had to work over a four year period to achieve this. I yet have the brain fog from time to time and now only occasional extreme fatigue that I once had on a daily basis.

    What I learned was that traditional medicine is great for acute trauma to sustain life, but it sucks at aiding chronic disease. By the way did I mention that I also had extreme hypercholestermia and hypertension? Now if I could just figure out what it is that I am supposed to do today. I do, however, believe in the here after. I go to a room and say to myself, “Now what was it that I came here after?

  6. ray says:

    Brain fog is endocepalapathy (sp?) it is when your liver will no longer function as it was intended to do. You feel like there is nothing wrong with you .you forget alot and try not to drive because you will nod out and crash. There is more but these were the biggies for me. If you have brain fog real bad it is time to get listed for a transplant,Your ankles will swell up also. Good luck

  7. Ted says:

    What is this brain fog and where can I get info. Click on the above link and got error message

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