Read and heed.


  1. APPRECIATE you allowing the/this example of the more human-side of the CAVC Alex et al!
    EVEN before I won the 1st stage at the CAVC; being without representation; Pro Se/Pro Per, they (CAVC) treated me genuinely decent and extended their generosity later during the “Equitable Tolling” issue by vigorously slapping the wrists of the Secretary’s henchmen. After this small win, I was swamped with offers; not. Actually ONE firm offered and I accepted. Even post our differences later and my inability to be the passive client; I would highly recommend their integrity; Eric Gang and Associates!

  2. Sherry says:

    I sure hope Earl reached out to you Alex. Earl, if you see this I really want you to know that you have a lot to live for and I know Alex can help you. God Bless you and thank you for your Service Sir.

  3. Warren E Eckelberry says:

    Hi my Hep C has been deemed Service Connected, My disability rating is 0% and has been for years. During my research back in 98, I, could swear, I read the VA rating qualifications took into consideration all of the symptoms, such as Malaise, Joint problems, etc (including the VA Benefits site). Now it seems that in 2007 they changed the requirement to Viral Load alone. I have learned from many resources that the tests used in finding Viral Load are very unreliable at best.

    • asknod says:

      Remember the VA divided the HEpatitis strains in two in 2001. DC 7354 was carved out for HCV and DC 7345 was revamped for HBV. The old DC 7345 was far more lenient and what they were forced to rate me under. The biggest metric these days is how many days did you lose to it in the last year. If you can document over six weeks and have a doctor include the admonition that you need to resort to bed rest during those “near-constant debilitating times”, you can get the big 100% banana.

  4. ray says:

    I guess we are in the same boat…I never thought of filing for a claim a claim because I didn’t even know I had C. then I went in for a check up and low and behold I found out I had C. took the riba feron treatment for 10 months then circles appeared in my eye sight. Then a gastrointeroligist set me up for a transplant. That’s when I filed for a claim. denied. so now it’s been 8 years post transplant and Someone told me to file again. So I did and low and behold they approved it PTSD @ 70%. This was good but I wanted the VA to pay for lost wages since I couldn’t work on ribferon .So now we are waiting . All the other claims I put in for were denied. So appeal is in order. It took 5 months to get award for PTSD. hope you guys get what you deserSince I found nod I can’t believe the way vets are treated by the VA. Thanks for the site nod you have helped me mentally and physically .I spent the end of my 2nd tour at kahe sahn for some time.

  5. james Farley says:

    off the wall question the RO recently said they did a amended adminstrative decision on May 2011 to a adminstrative decision in May of 1995 I never received a copy of the May 2011 decision this was done quietly without my knowledge just prior to a BVA Hearing in jun of 2011. Is not there a statuate of limations and should all the evidence been discussed during the orignal decision of 1995 and not 20 plus yeadrs later? Email me with your thought What laws cover this?

  6. Earl says:

    I came home from VN in 1971. I was a C-130 crew chief. I was a troop carrier, bomber,hearse, and tanker. I inherited the farm, 122 acres, in 1975. I built 2 poultry houses 40 by 400 ft and a dweeling home. In 1986 I married a lady who liked drugs. I ran her away and bought her a condo in 2002. The crooked judge took my farm in 2003 and I had to pay for the dwellings and the IRS. I came out with $45,000. I bought a home in town with help from Homefunds direct, Some how Wells Fargo ended up with the mortgage. I had some bad luck and got behind in late 2006, a death in the family.. I was on the phone with Wells and told them spring break was coming up in March. I was a tour bus driver.. I thought they agreed. March 8 they sold my home on the court house steps. I never saw it advertised in the local paper as required by my deed. I had told them I would send checks in March and I did, but they returned them and informed me my house had been sold. Now I suffer from diabetis, depression and ptsd. I have no home to call my own. I would just asoon die. I get SSN but can’t live on $1418 and 20% disability, $251. I would love to have 70% disibility and maybe I could buy a home again. I appricate all you can do for me. The Dept. of Justice said Wells did me wron and should reimburse me for my home, but no luck. Earl

    • asknod says:

      Well, a Herc loader would be an easy one for PTSD. You do not get paid for PTSD and depression separately. They roll all the mental into one ball. You must have had a VSO when you filed for the DM2, right? If you did it yourself I congratulate you. Going for the Bent brain is more difficult and starts by going down to the VAMC and asking to see a PTSD counselor pronto. Tell him its time to file and you want this to be considered an informal claim. No discussion about the wifey, the drugs, the loss of the house, etc. vA will just say that’s the cause of the depression and it has nothing to do with Nam. They’ll run you through the paces and get you measured for a rating. Read all you can here about PTSD and GAF scores while you’re waiting for the claim to progress. It’s gonna take a year if you started tomorrow. Thank God you’ve already got the 20% rolling now and don’t have to start from scratch. Where was home back then-Cam Ranh Bay? Where is it now? Welcome Home, Earl.

  7. Earl says:

    How can you help

    • asknod says:

      If you have Hepatitis or some other disease/injury and wish to seek compensation for it from the VA, we can help. That is what this web site was created for. We help Vets get what they need. If it involves retraining into a new career field (Vocational Rehabilitation & Education), we can steer you there. It’s a DIY resource center especially for Vets with a major in Hepatitis/PTSD/AO.

  8. Earl says:

    I came home from VN and inherited the farm, 122 acres. I built 2 poultry houses, 40 x 400 and a dwelling home. In 1986, I married a lady who turned out to be a druggie. In 2002, I sold part of the farm and bought her a condo in town. In 2003, the judge took my farm, gave me $45,000. I bought a home with help from Wells Fargo. I missed 3 payments in 2006 and they took my home. Now I have nothing and am ready to quit. somebody please help me. Earl

    • asknod says:

      Earl- this is what I do for a living now. I help you. I came home from Vietnam in 1972. I came down with hep (again) in 72.. In 94 , VA kicked me in the teeth and said “Get lost, Nod You weren’t in Vietnam (or Laos). In 2008, they finally agreed with me. Now its your turn. Talk to me, Earl. It’s showtime.

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