I received this video yesterday shot on 3/24/2022 somewhere in eastern Ukraine at about 2330 Hrs. Ed, one of my LRRP clients, remarked that we’re dang lucky the gooks didn’t have Stingers (or STRELAs for that matter) in Vietnam or the Vietnam Wall would need to be about a mile longer or taller-take your pick. Hell, SAMs took out an inordinate number of our A/C during the war as it was.

From the looks of it, these fellers got sucked into a good old fashioned Tar Baby. By the time they realized the Ukrainians were cheating and using the Stingers, there was no way Ivan was ever going to gain altitude to egress the trap. And, in the same vein, it appears there’s no way to survive a hit by autorotating. The lead KA- 52 did auger in before exploding but it appears it had its rotor(s) irrevocably compromised which greatly inhibited their controlled descent. Looks like sealed bladder gas tanks might have also helped but we’ll never know. It’s one of the primary reasons I avoided rotary wing aircraft transportation like the plague during the war. Somewhere, somehow, military experts in aerial warfare overlooked a key ingredient in the theory of flight when designing this whole concept. Choppers don’t glide. Not even a little bit. When the ‘rotary wing’ ceases its primary function, gravity ensues. Face it. It’s an utter bitch to jump out of a chopper and successfully parachute.  It’s the ages-old  paradox known as the Galileo phenomenon -that all objects tend to accelerate equally in free fall. I hate that when that happens…

P.S. Here’s the Sukhoi 35 version

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  1. Vet says:

    How about zipper head or rice grinders?

  2. Maple Syrup Frank says:

    Get over it.

    • asknod says:

      I agree completely, Karen. Gook is soooooo overused. Consulting Roget’s, I find slope, slant, slant eye, shorty, Captain Charles, PAVN, Victor Charlie and Charlie are equally suitable synonyms. Wikipedia says use of “indigenous participants of the boundary dispute” would be right out because, until 2009, they hadn’t begun handing out trophies to everyone yet to assuage hurt feelings.

      File this one under ‘if thine eye offendeth thee, enucleate it.” or better yet, the Karen file. I reckon it would be too boorish to suggest a different, lighter literary fare devoid of all those scary ‘danger’ words. Failing that, I’d point out that anyone who tries to kill me grants me the right to call them anything I wish- including late for dinner. Back to the drawing board, padewan.


      • Maple Syrup Frank says:

        Oy vey.
        How out of favor must ol’ Maple Syrup Frank have fallen !
        Posted on June 21, 2016 by asknod:
        “Maple Syrup Frank, in addition to annually sending me about enough of Vermont’s highest octane of elixir to fill a drop tank, also mails me an inordinate number of articles of, or having to do with, the VA.”

        • asknod says:

          But Frank, when you transitioned into a ‘Karen’, you forfeited the right to be considered a cogent contributor. Trying to bribe, then browbeat me, into taking on your unwinnable claim for equitable relief changed our relationship forever. We miss the old Frank.

  3. Vet says:

    I hate to see these young men die on both side because of a bunch of slow politicians and a corrupt dictator. Again and again and again.

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