“Would ya think the boy’s insane?… He’s insane.

Yes, kids. About this time every year, I have to seek warmth for my Lumbago and my tired soul. Cupcake is my caregiver. This year the doctor prescribed a two-day dose of Nashville Tennessee for my NOVA Continuing Legal Education , or CLE “credits”. Yep. You read that right. Sounds like something  lawyers would dream up. Learn law and enjoy good single malt scotch. Meet Jedi Masters. Always husband your resources and your assets. Learn about your AO from others’ experience. I’m more a Rolling Stones guy but Country is Cupcake’s cup of tea. I expect she’ll pack her cowboy boots.

The Spring Solstice NOVA is two parts learning, one part socializing and one part networking. There’s always lots of business cards flying around. There’s usually a CAVC Judge in attendance. It’s a hoot. You actually learn things or at least the why of things. With VBMS access, you really only get an insider’s view of how VA thinks-or forgets to. At a NOVA conference you meet others who encounter similar situations and react differently.  VA sends their USBs, Directors of C&P or the BVA’s Head Honcho VLJ who regale us with tales of unicorns and gold at the end of the rainbow. Being civilized, we refrain from calling each other names.  I notice the VASEC has never darkened NOVA’s door yet. This year it’s VLJ Cheryl Mason, Chairman of the BVA and David McLenachen, the director of the Appeals Management Office (AMO), formerly the AMC (and a wealth of other names like the Black Hole. or the Maelstrom of Edgar Allen Poe fame).

I nabbed a few pictures of the hoedown from the Sheraton’s site so I’m not purloining them for fun or profit. Pretty fancy but the chow hall is on the roof ? Arruuhh?

The best part is for last. After the conference, Cupcake and I are driving down to Georgia.  We’ll finally get to meet Dustoff Bruce “Almighty” McCartney and my good friend Shirley Medders and her family.

Check this one out…


P.S. Here, Vicki. Judge Davis in 2017 in San Antonio. I ‘d guess it will be one of the new ones. I’d give my eye teeth to meet my three-time  CAVC Greenhouse Ex Writ Judge  (Bartley). She’s NVLSP old school like Amy Odom and Bart.

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5 Responses to 2019 NOVA–I KNOW… IT’S ONLY VA LAW BUT I LIKE IT.

  1. Vicki says:

    Alex, i looked at the conference program, and it looks like there is one session that will address the difference between “new and material” evidence under the legacy system vs. “new and relevant” evidence under AMA. I would be very grateful if there’s some way we can learn more about the difference between the two, if this is more than just semantics, thanks!

  2. Vicki says:

    If Judge Davis attends, please give him our regards, lol.

  3. Ray says:

    I really hope you get some education but most important is your time with cupcake and time to enjoy her. Get her a new pair of boots and that will be the best case you’ve won in some time. Bless everything you do for us!!

  4. Michael Oliver says:

    Just don’t order the raw Tuna Sushi Salad like i did one trip to Nashville in 1995.
    Truly beautiful facility…Enjoy the education..

  5. cdneh says:

    Have a blast 🙂

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