Hi-Ho, hi -ho, it’s off to Cal we go. And here I thought I was going to pack my swimsuit and the Coppertone® and scare the bejesus out of all the women at Loew’s Coronado with my 12X12-inch Alloderm™ patch on my belly. It’s a daisy. It’s also the largest they make. It was a perfect fit… until the VA Doc put the wound pump on it. Six ventral hernias later, I’m still here.


As you can see from the view on the high diving board, you have many areas to aim for. Accuracy of execution is of utmost importance here as well.

Cupcake and I are flying down this trip due to our sick horse. We love to drive but this one just isn’t in the cards this year. Besides, realistically, how many time do we need to see some big trees and a bunch of sea lions hollering at the bottom of  a cave. I’m personally hoping the dogs have a slight case of Indigestion and the shits (from an accidental ingestion of too much Exlax™ ) next spring. We could probably fly again. What the hey? Not.

Spring NOVA 2019 is in Nashville. but Fall NOVA is in Portland- as in Oregon. I can motor that in 3 hours or less in the Cupcakemobile.  This sucker will part your hair with the windows up.

Why would a woman need this kind of automobile when she never gets on it? It’ll pop from 50 to 90 in less than three seconds. I don’t think I’ve had that conversation yet with her about it’s extreme acceleration capabilities. I figure she’d never believe me.

See you in San Diego. Be there or be square. Learn how to play VA poker and beat them at their own game.


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4 Responses to 2018 SPRING NOVA IN SAN DIEGO–RAIN & 59°

  1. Winter does occasionally pass over my birthplace;Naval Hospital San Diego;Circa 1946.
    “Nova” then is an educational opportunity for Vets having the capital to stay there?
    Pardon the ignorance; albeit enlighten if desirable….

    • asknod says:

      NOVA is the National Organization of Veterans Advocates just as it says on their logo. Try Googling it. Ignorance is often the byproduct of choice.

  2. Karen S says:

    I gather that cupcake doesn’t have the mandatory veteran’s lead foot. Lol. Oh well, I make up for her. Never been caught yet. KNOCK ON WOOD.

    • asknod says:

      My personal best was 118 in a 55 by Airplane measurement in 1983. That was my fuel-injected TR-6. Five cops swarmed me after I stopped and wanted to look at the engine. The head cop said I’ll write it for 100 in a 55 because you have a concealed weapon and it takes way too long to book you. It’ll cost you $450.00. If you come to court and dispute it, I’ll show up and arrest you for reckless driving and we’ll write a new ticket right then and there.” If that happened today, I’d make it onto Yahoo news. Vet tries to outrun the Law. Killed in escape attempt.

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