Did you ever have the pleasure of meeting one of those Asshat REMF Light Colonels who always showed up right after the shit quit contacting the rotary oscillator? You know. The ones who always bandied about the collective pronoun “we” as in  “Boy, we sure nuked those gooks back into the dark ages, didn’t we?” I think they must have applied Eau d’ Cordite behind each ear before landing in the Huey. How else could you smell that way over the top of the BO?  

Well, folks. Meet Mr. Jet Infectors ®©? extraordinaire. As near as I can tell from his history, Mr. Brown showed up underfoot late one day in August  of ’15 at Patricia’s loosely knit HCVets coalition and volunteered to help get the word out. Tricia said he boasted of great organizational skills and lots of contacts within Congress. In addition, he was a ball of fire and a valuable addition to the team. She let him run wild with all her information she’s patiently assembled over the last two decades. Silvia, the Resident Registered Nurse was more than happy to supply him with all manner of data, photographs and articles she unearthed. He even came to me asking for information.

Then one day, Shaun changed.  Suddenly, all HCVets’ hard work was actually his hard work. He started WordPress Blog on January 3, 2016. He contacted me and suggested I better “take down” some of my 2011-2016 posts that plagiarized his hard work or there would be litigation. Amazing. Someone who isn’t a Vet, who never had HCV and was five years old when the negative reports from CDC about ‘jet injectors‘ began surfacing arriving 43 years later telling all of us how it “went down”.

I reckon I can’t in good conscience claim I coined the term jetgun. When I found Harry, Patricia, Gary et al in 2008 at the Delphi Forums, she was still referring to them by their trade names of Pedojet or Munji air guns. Having a military background and noticing their similarity to a pistol/revolver, I seized on the nickname of Pedojet and  Munjigun. It stuck. They even use the term in BVA decisions! This one was published in March 2017.

And no, Veterans Law Judge  M.C. Graham is no relation to me so I didn’t somehow cajole or suborn usage of it to gain popularity. Just sayin’.


The Veteran’s current liver disease was not manifest in service and is unrelated to service, to include jet gun vaccinations in service;

Hey. Jet Infector sounds cool, too. Don’t get me wrong. Only problem is, like the Colonel above who lands after the fray has subsided, every Vet on the planet knows about the spread of Hepatitis C via air inoculation devices by now. We love you Shaun but really? Preaching to the choir? It’s like announcing the discovery of Penicillin and pretending like it just happened yesterday. And then telling us we bogarted the info from you ten years before you showed up with it? Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?

All the data published on jet injectors  by jetinfectors® is in the public domain. There simply are no propriety documents or peer-reviewed articles solely composed of critical data by Mr. Brown other than his valued conjecture. His diatribe recently (March 16th) that hurled invective at HCVets for usurping his data is much like the hollow hyperbole Vice-President Al Gore once spouted about how he invented the internet and was the good ol’ boy idea for “Love Story”.

Shaun’s most awesome adventures in jetinfector land

I know I risk a lawsuit for opening my piehole.  Look what happened with a certain Veterans Charity several years ago. Hey, We love you Shaun. It’s great to have this story shouted from every mountaintop. Just remember yours is the most recent mountaintop and your story has already been told thousands of times by thousands of HCV-infected Vets. Moreover, it’s simply bad form to denigrate other bloggers with legitimate websites like yours. It makes you look like, well, you know, that maybe you’re trying to drive readership to your site. And for heaven’s sake, brush up on the use of [sic] if you insist on using it.

“… found more than 100 successful appeals of regional decisions between 1992 and 2014 that didn’t [sic.] entertain jet guns as a causative factor for a vet’s hepatitis.”

“Didn’t” is spelled and used correctly. Never use a period when employing [sic] either. It makes you appear illiterate.

My favorite line was buried down in paragraph ten:

“However, in reality this is nothing more than a puffed-up assertion to make HCVets seem grandeur than reality.”

You definitely will need a [sic]after ‘grandeur’ if you want to leave it  that way. Maybe it’s a pun or a misspelling but it sure looks like incorrect usage. It’s one thing to appear ignorant. It’s quite another to pick up a pen and proceed to remove all doubt.

Remember, asknod what your country can do for you.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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  1. SPrice says:

    He talks about jet guns but is afraid to hold one.

  2. SPrice says:

    Hey Alex, check out what I just found. Two very important pieces of info. 1. The gun must be held at a 90 degree angle or distribution will be affected ….

    “Needle-free devices are calibrated to deliver the vaccine when the NFID is perpendicular (90�) to the skin. Administering vaccine at more acute or oblique angles will affect distribution of the vaccine in the tissue.”

    2. Carryover volume is 10 picoliters, which as we know, is enough to transmit disease

    ” Most older devices used the same nozzle faces and fluid pathways to dose all individuals, thereby causing potential safety hazards of transferring blood-borne pathogens between individuals. Although the carryover volume of the NFID was small (5.5 μL carryover in a 20-gauge, 1.9-cm needle is 0.5 � 106 times more than the approximately 10 pL carryover in an NFID), multi-use-nozzle jet injectors were no longer recommended for routine mass human vaccination programs.”


  3. Cappy says:

    Hope you told the person to go blow himself.

  4. Ron says:

    A REMF by any other [sic] name is still a REMF. Or is Shaun just [sic]????

  5. Mark says:

    Screw Him , We been calling them JetGuns for 20 Years, Would not want him in a Fox Hole with me, someone would not leave and it would not be me.

  6. Jack Stermer says:

    My goodness. Making friends one a..hole at a time, are we? Not that I know a damn thing about jet guns, the use of sic in proper context, stolen work product syndrome or 2 million other subjects – but I can smell a REMF a mile away. Kudos sir.

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