Chris Attig, Ben Krause et moi

A rare picture to be seen in any North American city would be three VA bloggers conjoined in friendship. At great expense and scarce electrons, I was able to hire a professional photographer (attorney Frank White) to immortalize us in celluloid. Cupcake was also drafted for the project later in the day before the foray to Bacchanalia at Caesar’s Palace. With the exception of the loss of Carol Scott’s phone, it was uneventful.

NOVA conferences are an excellent excuse to accumulate CLE hours in a pleasant, convivial atmosphere and and meet new friends. The NOVA motto should be changed to “You can never be too rich, too thin or have enough VA attorneys devoted to their cause”. I am continually impressed by the camaraderie and bon vivant atmosphere at these shindigs.

The gambling report is bleak. No big wins. It’s almost as if someone in charge rigged all the machines to purposely deprive me of my money.

I am told this is the new Western White House…



The perp lineup before strapping on the feed bags. Me, Ben Krause, Carol Scott, Bob Walsh and Frank White


Bob Walsh, myself and Chris Attig

What you cannot see is Chris’ tennis shoes. We’re passing the hat today for a new pair for him.

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  1. Chris Attig says:

    Alex – I usually wear cowboy boots to wade through all the BS that is spewed by the VA….but the walks in Vegas were long and my ruck marching days are over. 🙂 So I went “Seinfeld”.

    Good to see you brother!

  2. SPrice says:

    Which one of the lawyers does more cases for Veterans?

    • asknod says:

      All the attorneys I met there are engaged in representing Veterans. In fact, that is their sole purpose in life. As to who is the most prolific, I’m not sure.

  3. See how Vegas brings folks together:) I only wish I were able to attend… Drink a glass of tea for me while you are eating a Hugh steak for me… LoL… Kevin

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