th-12Have Gun -Will Travel was a wonderful western in the sixties and one most younguns won’t remember. It is evocative, nevertheless of my operable jetgun. I was admonished by several attorneys, including Carol Scott of Veterans Pro Bono Consortium not to go through carry on with it but most know I am rather obstinate. Well boy howdy was that an experience. I should have listened to Carol.

I called the TSA info number and gave them the rundown on March 1st. I was assured I would not be greeted with handcuffs. They lied. I was inspected, detected, dissected ad nauseum. They wiped swabs all over me and my clothes to detect explosives. I had to disrobe and allow them to inspect my hernia belt. That must have really looked good on the x ray machine.  Everyone jumped away from me when they spotted that.Then we got to the jetgun.

The poor gal elected to deal with it was apoplectic. “It’s not going to go off or do anything, is it? Is there anything sharp I can cut myself on?” No less than five supervisors had to assure her I could proceed. Then they let me get dressed again.

Yesterday evening, in an impromptu get together after the daily briefings were over, we all assembled at the Biscayne Restaurant and I gave a live demonstration of the nastier aspects of the device. Included are a few pictures here of the gathering.

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender

More anon. I’m off to another day of learning how to inflict more grief on the boys and girls at 810 Varmint Ave. NW. This is more fun than putting tin foil “bedroom slippers” on my cat and watching her dance.

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  1. SPrice says:

    Great pictures. I’ll come join you at the next one.
    Did you see the new jetgun I got directly from Uncle Sam? Brand new, in its original shipping box with all the spare parts included. Now we can prove contamination with a new gun…ha!

    • asknod says:

      I got a Veterans Lw judge to whip out his camera phone and start shooting pics for Dep. secretary of BVA Laura Eskinazi. They got the poo on the shoe report as well as the filter missing on the air equalizer. I manufactured an “aftermarket” one with a 5 cc syringe cut down to 3 w/ a cotton ball. No one had a problem recognizing a picture with the filter absent. That voids the presumption of regularity in every picture showing use without one. Bingo. We’re that much closer to presumptive exposure. Thank you Nurse Sylvia.

  2. dknees4 says:

    You “done yer old pappy proud,” Buckwheat.” In 2nd place is yer beloved “Uncle Jay” who earnestly believed you hung the moon, and would have perjured himself to prove it…..LOL

  3. Clear Left says:

    wondering if TSA got pics of you Butt Nekkid with a Jet Gun. Now that would have been a sight. HOLD THE PRESSES, this just in. Stevie boy and sidekick Al-o are seeking employment elsewhere compliments of the BoD.

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