downloadWe always knew there was a mechanism for this from the day the VA Kiddy Kops took down John Bisig, a 280% disabled Vet in Houston back in 2011. Keeping in mind that John was decompensated, well-educated, verbally gifted and opinionated, it stood to reason he would run afoul of VA’s jack-booted thugs eventually. He did. He survived with minor lacerations from the handcuffs and frog march to the holding cell.

VA never has brooked much discontent or loud voices in their buildings but no one asks the obvious question. Why is it you do not hear these raised voices in normal hospitals? Why is it commonplace at the VAMCs? On Ward 3 East, it was not uncommon to hear Vets bellowing for a nurse for 30 minutes at 2300 hours. That was during my sojourn there for a year in 2009. Too much hullabaloo was grounds for a trip to the sixth floor and the Psyche ward where you needed a key to leave.

A warm thank you to JM for spotting this and sending it in. Knowledge is power when dealing with Victor Alpha.

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2 Responses to VA–BAD BOYS-BAD BOYS

  1. Kiedove says:

    This reminds me of the myhealthyevet site GET CARE MENU which contains a list of appointments. Good vet =appointment kept. Naughty vet = canceled. It doesn’t specify who canceled the apt-the VA or veteran.

  2. mark says:

    Ya that is only ONE Reason I no longer use the VA, Using the Va for your Health Care, is like Praying to the Devil for Salvation. I have been Damaged much more then I have been Helped, I still remember them telling me, that my Hep C problems were all in my Head, That IFN and RIBA had NO SIDE EFFECTS, take this bottle of Clonazepam, and TRUST US. How many of US have Died or Given up, NOT ME Thank GOD, Use The VA at your own Risk, Study Everything, YOU know your own body better then THEY ever will, Now the whole country will get VA care thru Obummer Care, THEY just tried it on us First.

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