$5,000 REWARD



The above young lady is wanted for costing the vA potentially billions. Yep. She’s the one who spilled the  beans about the USPS’s Form 3817 Certificate of Mailing. One of these hummers.

By scaling back the cost of mailing a Certified Mail- Return Receipt Requested ( average cost for the smallest letter $6.45) to a paltry $1.15 -which, I might add, includes the mailing-more Vets are  going to be inclined to file far more frequently. They’ll also be hitting Burger King with the extra $5.30, too. This Postmistressperson has single-handedly reduced the cost of proving (read rebutting) the Common Law Mailbox Rule of filing.  As Vets, we owe her an immense debt of gratitude.

For years, we all used the Green Card and paid exorbitantly. In one fell swoop, she reduced it a stupendous 82%.  Remember the fond old days of the BVA blowing you off and not even sending the card back for 6 months? That’s how Ms. Postmistressperson and I struck the friendship. It seems I was always down there asking for a signed proof they received it.  This led to a discussion about the Presumption of Regularity pertaining to mailings versus the Common Law Mailbox Rule. To clue you in, vA is trusted implicitly to say they mailed you something whenever they say they did. This is the Presumption Of Regularity that says they put it in the mail and its presumed the USPS knew what they were doing and delivered it to you.

If you’re a lowlife, no account Veteran, you have to prove you mailed it. This is the Common Law Mailbox Rule. You pay to certify its delivery and IF you get a signed green card back, you can sleep tonight. With the Form 3817, it’s mail and go. You just paid $1.15 for Presumption of Regularity right back at them.

The USPS is going to be gunning for her soon, too. Think of the untold millions the USPS can ill afford to lose with Veterans switching over to Certificates of Mailing. She’ll be the ruin of two Agencies-not one.

One last thought. I know far and away that vA “loses” more mail than any other agency of government. I hesitate to think that there may be some initial losses where the Triage unit in the mail room thinks that innocuous $1.15 metered stamp on the New and Material Evidence you sent in means you didn’t pay for the green card. Remember, it doesn’t say Cert. Of Mailing. There’s no  “Better not shred. Better not lie. Better not cheat ’cause I’m tellin’ you why.” That $1.15 metered stamp is STEALTH technology.  While I do not believe in conspiracies, I might subscribe to the Tooth Faery newsletter if it had an article about vA’s shredding room antics on 3817s soon.

Remember, I filed my PCT rating reduction CUE October 18, 2011? When I produced the 3817 proof last month, they miraculously remembered that dang if they didn’t did get it after all.  Some day it will all be done electronically and they can just push delete. Until that day, I’ll die by a paper cut.

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  1. Dont let her smile fool you. Down deep she is a full fledged Vets advocate, obfuscating “justice”
    by supplying Vets with the truth instead of the spin that VA spoon feeds Vets. Surely she should get jail time for such a crime. The results of her crime could mean that VA employees no longer get multi million dollar parties on the Vets dime, as they would have to pay them out as benefits instead.

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